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It’s the Season to be Jolly…

German Christmas Market


Well, I am not too sure about that but at least the title grabbed your attention!  What is an undisputed fact however is that we are nearing the end of yet another year in the Gregorian calendar – and whether we believe in the jolly old red fat fellow or not, we are likely to start reflecting about the year that has been and what we want to achieve in the one that is about to come. 

I spent part of my last twelve months being a member of the Horticulture New Zealand Implementation Task Force.  We met about half a dozen times during the year.  The purpose of the task force in plain English is “to promote and champion the adoption of the Strategy, provide advice and thought leadership on how the industry can effectively implement the Strategy and remove barriers to adoption of the strategy and measure and monitor Strategy adoption and implementation.”  (10/2020 Taskforce Terms of Reference).
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