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It is not 1 April but…

Supermarkt Shopping - The Only Place To Be For The Modern Hunter/Gathererer

“Ye Olde NueZelnd Herald” has yielded another little gem; a reference to US based Better Food Solutions, an organisation which is convinced the solution to the food miles challenge could be overcome by building glasshouses on top of supermarkets. An interesting thought to ponder as I prepare to fly to Berlin for Fruit Logistica. A leisurely pursuit of Better Food Solution’s website comes up with several highlights, amongst them;
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Kiwi Ingenuity Under The Microscope

Kiwi Ingenuity Under Threat

Here we go again. Everyone has an opinion. Sue Kedgley does not like it, an academic from Otago university has never seen anything like it and smells an ethics issue and Katherine Rich from the Food and Grocery Council says her children like it. What am I talking about? The latest marketing initiative by Yummy, John Paynter’s innovative fruit growing and marketing company. Luckily children take a while to adopt their parents’ prejudices. For goodness sake, eating fruit should be fun and we need to get the next generation into eating fresh fruit and vegetables.
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I Have Been Shopping (II)

Well, actually , I haven’t been shopping just yet, but I am working myself up to it and what I am writing here kind of relates to shopping, so there….

I had a look at the content of my fruitbowl this morning.  Californian Navel oranges, Ecuadorian bananas, a Philippine pineapple, Hawkes Bay nectarines, apricots and plums and a couple of punnets of local strawberries in the fridge.  I don’t analyse my fruitbowl scientifically everytime I go anywhere near it but it does pay to remind oneself from time to time that one is actually quite spoilt.  You see, I have not grown ANY of the fruit just mentioned.  At best, I could be accused of hunting my fruit bowl content down with skill and vigour in my local supermarket. Even that statement would only be partially true as I do not do all the hunting shopping and the content of our fruit bowl does not exclusively originate in the supermarket anyway.
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Food Security

As journalists go, Gwynne Dyer is one of the better ones and whenever I see one of his syndicated articles appear in the NZ Herald I read it – even if the topic is not necessarily my flavour.  At the very minimum, I will learn something. His latest article discusses food supply.  He takes the position that the assumption we have held until now of  there being enough food on the world for everyone if we could only get it to the right place at the right time is wrong.   He is predicting a global shortage of food and all the unpleasantness that would go with it.
Read more » launched is the new website of the International Federation for Produce Standards.  Please go and check it out.  Below are my welcoming comments as IFPS’ chairman from the website’s front page.

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