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Does your Blackberry or ipad Need Rebooting?

Serving at restaurant tables is a trade in my birth country. Young people interested in a career in the industry undertake an apprenticeship, just as someone else would become an apprentice plumber or butcher.  One could argue that it should not take three years to learn something as basic as taking someone’s order. delivering someone’s food and cleaning up afterwards.  How many of us though can instantly recall myriads of examples relating to poor servcie in their favourite restaurants, cold food being delivered, the wrong food being delivered, cutlery having been whisked away between courses and not replaced, salt and pepper missing from the table, the waiter’s description of the meal bearing no resemblance whatsoever to what was actually delivered…? The list goes on.

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I Have Been Shopping (I)

I would envisage that there will be quite a few entries with that title this year….

Anyway, I went shopping today at my local supermarket and inevitably, came across the banana display. Inevitably?  Well, firstly, its difficult to avoid bananas even in the always colourful produce department and secondly, I am preconditioned to buy bananas whenever I end up in a supermarket.  $2.99 per kilo the ticket said. 

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Margin Shrink In The Grocery Aisles

Are you supplying a supermarket chain with your produce?  Indirectly through a broker or market?  Directly to a distribution centre or a store?  Are you worried about your margins?  Well, it seems you are not the only ones.  Grocery manufacturers  also have a few things to say these days.  In one of the better articles in the Business Herald for some time, reporter Christopher Adams discusses the threat of shrinking grocery manufacturers’ margins using Kiwi icon Weetbix as an example.

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Blueberry Pie Anyone?

TV1 News had an item on the Blueberry Harvest last night, there being very little else to report other than the road toll.  Now if there is one niche crop in this country that  should be relatively happy with itself, then it ought to be Blueberries.  I am not an authoritative Blueberry expert, so I will not quote detailed data – but

  • local Blueberry consumption is increasing at a rate of knots
  • export markets exist and and have the ability to absorb more fruit
  • Blueberries are being  linked to a variety of well being and health enhancing properties with the science community actually supporting any marketing message growers care to develop.

But what happens?  The Blueberry grower interviewed in the news item chooses to focus on a dooms day scenario and expresses his fears of being wiped out “next year” by cheap Chilean imports.  Give me strength!

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