A Moving Billboard

Known in the US as “vanity plates”, personalised number plates have been sold very successfully in New Zealand for some years now – even I have one.  So long in fact, that the company behind them has developed several marketing ploys to entice people into buying one.

The one I am thinking of in particular is the one where the plate is used as mobile advertising.


I spotted these two in the carpark at the recent HortNZ conference.

My first thought was nice, if a bit of a gimmick; but then I thought, what is the owner of the plate trying to achieve?

What is the point of this not inconsiderable cash outlay, that is, what message does the owner want to get across?

They are not telling me anything, nor do they want me to take any action.


Quite a wasted opportunity, I thought.

Especially if you consider this one that I saw not long after:

Whilst it is a bit hard to see (sorry, it was a dark and stormy night), above the personalisation is the word “DIAL” and underneath is a phone number.  The purpose of this one is very clear: it is an advert for who to call should you ever need a Chief Financial Officer. Chances are I was following a fairly skilled accountant who earns his crust by hiring himself out as a financial Mr Fix-it.

I hate to think a beancounter might be able to teach me a thing or two…


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