A Stroll Through Berlin (I)

Fruit Logistica beckoned and here I am.  IFPS, the International Federation for Produce Standards is running its first Global Forum tomorrow, so I will be quite busy for the next three days. I like to combat jet lag by walking through town on the first day, to get my bearings, to observe and to get the old mind working so that sleep will come when it is called for and not at eleven o’clock in the morning.  Herewith a photographic record of some of my finds.

Second Hand Christmas Tree Loitering On Street Corner

Berlin being the metropolis it is cannot afford for all of its citizens to live on quarter acre sections.  The majority of Berliners therefore dwell in multi- storage housing blocks, some with Hinterhoefe, some built in Kaiser time, some built by the Communists and some relatively new.  One common habit that can be found in the vicinity of all is that when Christmas is over, the now surplus to requirement tree gets unceremoniously dumped from the balcony down onto the pavement, in the vain hope that that the boys from  the municipal rubbish collection will come and clean up.  Clearly, there is a bit of a problem with that when the trees are still lying around the street in early February!

Still pondering what had happened to people who went walking through Berlin on, say, 6th January, the day Christmas trees traditionally get taken down thrown down the balconies and I come across this Turkish greengrocer.  Or is he? 

A Greengrocer Who Has Seen The Light

How does one describe a retailer who is open 24 hours, sells every hard liquor type one can possibly think of to anyone who has the right money, runs an Internet cafe and, last but not least, offers quite a respectable range of fruit and vegetables right outside the store around the clock?  Whatever one calls him, he is clearly a man who goes with the time.  Pity though that Mrs Greengrocer is still in the back of the store bagging the onions, that the granny is operating the till and the daughters are merchandising the store whilst the Pascha stands outside, smokes his cigar and is satisfied with his days work.

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