ACT Has A View On The Future Of Kiwifruit

Act has discovered a new topic.  Well, it is not exactly new but it is new for Act.  Or is it?  Didn’t John Thompson, ACT’s erstwhile connection with the produce industry blow that particular trumpet some years ago? He might well have….but one can’t make much progress on John’s ACT page . The content appears to have been written in some kind of secret ink, only visible to ACT party members….

110908kiwifruitBe that as it may, ACT now would like the Government to deregulate the kiwifruit industry.  Deregulation does, of course, have its merits and, yes, the Zespri model is a anachronism in a country that has made deregulation and market forces supremacy the ultimate objectives we should all strive for. But if kwifruit deregulation brings us behavours akin to the one we have just seen with respect to Hawkes Bay apples….who needs it?  And in the current PSA environment, the kiwifruit industry needs to work together and not be let loose for growers, packers and coolstore operators to tear each other apart, I would have thought.


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