And Now For Some Real Innovation – Or Back to the Future!

PMA would  not be PMA without stacks of magazines being thrust upon one, as one wanders the exhibit halls.  One of the publications I came away with was the Canadian Grocer.  The September issue featured a couple of independent stores, the Sunripe stores in southwestern Ontario.  The Harvard Business Review has written up a formal case study about these guys.  The stores do not appear to have a website, but here is what the Canadian Grocer had to say about them:

“One of the little things, for instance,  is display.  Every evening after close, Sunripe employees spend upwards of an hour transporting trays of produce into a walk-in cooler to keep them fresh.  The next morning, the goods are brought back out and carefully restacked into perfect pyramids.  Always, the newest product goes to the bottom. To maintain that look throughout the day, staff are assigned a section of the store to tend.  At Sunripe it’s rare to see a display with that desperate rummaged-through look.”

The Good Old Days - A Stacked Produce Mirrorback

Fancy that!  Now where have I heard this concept before?  Ah yes, of course; WE used to do this!  Standard operating procedure before the event of front end weighing, multidecks and 7 day shopping!!!

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