Another Day, Another Continent


Whilst at Hong Kong airport, waiting to board my first ever flight into mainland China, I took the time to look around.
Things looked reassuringly normal…
This could be any plane, at any airport.


But then I noticed this industrious person.
I suppose this is one way to ensure a clear view for the pilot!




Then I noticed this guy…
Not sure I would  want to sit there for my break, given how luggage trains and the like can whiz around the tarmac.



While boarding, I noticed this.
Not that unusual to have economy separated from business class by a curtain, but I’d never seen it signposted so clearly before!
Definite class distinction going on here.
There was also nothing subtle about how the Chinese leave  a plane: the minute the plane stops after landing, the people seated at the back are out of their seats and pushing towards the exit.  No patient waiting in the aisle here.  For obvious reasons though, no photo of the exit strategy!

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