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Seeing the Sights

My time in China was not spent solely touring around supermarkets.   My trusty camera was in operation on the roads between the stores.  While many sights could be found anywhere, this one brought me up short somewhat.  What do you think this could advertise?  It is actually an abortion clinic.  China’s one child laws make this unremarkable.





Aerodynamic umbrella for shade on the move

It was hot and sunny in Changcha, and this adaptation was practical and necessary:


Produce Merchants in the middle of …

Well, not nowhere this time, but here are several (and various) produce merchants I spotted while out and about in Beijing.

Produce stalls on campus at Peking University

Beijing greengrocer

Greengrocer on two wheels

Melon delivery truck: straight from farm gate to city = very short supply chain

Supply chain value add: melon on a stick for sale in the Forbidden City

To the Max

Has local produce wholesaler/ exporter Freshmax branched out into mainland China?

Not this time – this is a potato restaurant!  Food for thought for Potatoes NZ?


A Better Life

Whilst in mainland China, I had the opportunity to catch up with an old work colleague and boss from my days in the supermarket trade at Foodtown here in New Zealand. He kindly took me around several of the many stores under his aegis.










They are part of the BuBu Gao (Better Life) Company, which has over 140 stores in the Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. They have a diverse range of retail interests, including both supermarkets and hypermarkets. For those who have noticed the ubiquitous Golden Arches in the photos, yes – BuBuGao have a working relationship with McDonald’s. They are one of the few wholly Chinese owned supermarket chains operating in China.











Chairman Mao might have been gone for a while but he is omnipresent in the BuBu Gao entrance foyer.

Another Day, Another Continent


Whilst at Hong Kong airport, waiting to board my first ever flight into mainland China, I took the time to look around.
Things looked reassuringly normal…
This could be any plane, at any airport.


But then I noticed this industrious person.
I suppose this is one way to ensure a clear view for the pilot!




Then I noticed this guy…
Not sure I would  want to sit there for my break, given how luggage trains and the like can whiz around the tarmac.



While boarding, I noticed this.
Not that unusual to have economy separated from business class by a curtain, but I’d never seen it signposted so clearly before!
Definite class distinction going on here.
There was also nothing subtle about how the Chinese leave  a plane: the minute the plane stops after landing, the people seated at the back are out of their seats and pushing towards the exit.  No patient waiting in the aisle here.  For obvious reasons though, no photo of the exit strategy!