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The Liquid Grape Department – Portugal

Portugal is famous for a whole bunch of things.  Spawning discoverers such as Ferdinand Magellan,Vasco de Gama and Bartholomeu Dias, being neutral in World War II and, of course, supplying the world with copious amounts of Vinho do Porto!

And Portuguese fruit sellers being the entrepreneurial and enterprising people which they are, learned early on in the piece that it might not be a bad idea combining both merchandise ranges under one roof! May be we should try this here in New Zealand!

A closer look at the bottle produce shows that it has an extended shelf life and that a bit of dust is not a distractor but adds to the image.

And just to put the whole Port thing into perspective – have a look at this bottle.  And its price.  A far cry from the stuff availbale at the local supermarket, wouldn’t you say?

I’ll have half a case, thank you!

A greengrocer called Spaghetti House?

Well, no – a greengrocer who is smart enough to earn extra revenue by advertising a convenient lunch location up the road. 

The road by the way is Oxford Street, London , directly across from retail icon Selfridges.

The photo was taken in mid-June, in a season the English call ‘summer’!

The fruit is nicely blocked in its trays and the focus is on summer fruit, not an apple or banana in sight.  Neither are price tickets.

Contrast that with this photo, taken 100 m further up the road.

The picture is not as sharp as I would have  liked, but I am sure you get the jist.  The fruit is displayed with flair. Bananas and green grapes are used to accentuate the predominant red colour of peaches, cherries and plums – and the price tickets are not only plentiful but easy to read and professionally executed.