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When is a tomato not a tomato?

When it thinks it is a strawberry, of course!

Or so the labelling on this punnet would have you believe…


It was the first time I had seen this new variety packaged by NZ Hothouse, proudly on display at Farro’s so naturally I had to buy some to try.

Well, I have to say they didn’t taste like strawberries, so maybe the name has something to do with their shape.

So – novelty impulse purchase with the potential to be a regular addition to the tomato range that’s now available on the supermarket? 

I don’t know, but I was curious enough to look out for them when I next happened to be in a “mainstream” supermarket, in this case a Countdown, but they weren’t to be found.  Did this mean that they are still a niche enough offering to be available only to the gourmands who frequent the specialist food stores or was I simply in the wrong Countdown?

D.I.Y. the fresh produce way

Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised by any prepack produce idea, I came across a really nifty one:

DIY fresh guacamole!


While guacamole is readily available off the shelf in jars, this really must be the best solution for those who like their dips truly fresh and preservative free.

When is Superbowl Sunday again?

How about a prepack for salsa? 

Maybe just this once I’d allow a small appliance promo stand to appear in my produce department – after all, you’re going to need a blender to get the most out of this prepack concept!