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Nectarine Thief Ordered To Pay $1.25 In Reparation

Eyeing The Fruit Stand John George Brown 1831-1913

Eyeing The Fruit Stand
John George Brown

Now I have heard it all.  To save me repeating myself, readers should start by checking out this link on the NZ Herald website before reading on.    Go on, do it now!

Done? Good!

Here we have a scallywag who thinks it is ok to wander into a New Plymouth supermarket and start eating the food on display, which happens to have been nectarines, on the basis that he had no money to pay for them.  The court case was heard in Kaitaia and  defence counsel claimed that her client had been living on the streets of Gisborne.

The first thing that comes to mind is that its a long way between New Plymouth, Kaitaia and Gisborne.  Several hundred kilometres in fact. And to cover this distance one needs money…. But we don’t have the money to pay for a nectarine?  The second thought is – do our courts really have nothing better to do than prosecute a young layabout who helped himself to one piece of fruit?  Court costs, judge’s salary, defence counsel’s  fees, the mind boggles.  The third tought  – there is a whole social argument hidden here in the trenches.  We are mammals which need to eat when we are hungry and drink when we are thirsty, otherwise we die.  Yet our societal structure has evolved to the extent that we actually need this artificial invention called money that drives the concept called trade in order to provide sustenance for ourselves.  Have we gone too far? And lastly – back to the commercial reality we are a part of, like it or not – what does the produce industry have to do to get consumers, including judges, to understand the true value of fruit?  $1.25 in reparation is quite ridiculous from that perspective.  All it will do is drive the message home that fruit is of very little value and its ok to help yourself.  I wonder what the sentence would have been  if Master Casford had opened a can of Coke instead?

Kiwi Ingenuity Under The Microscope

Kiwi Ingenuity Under Threat

Here we go again. Everyone has an opinion. Sue Kedgley does not like it, an academic from Otago university has never seen anything like it and smells an ethics issue and Katherine Rich from the Food and Grocery Council says her children like it. What am I talking about? The latest marketing initiative by Yummy, John Paynter’s innovative fruit growing and marketing company. Luckily children take a while to adopt their parents’ prejudices. For goodness sake, eating fruit should be fun and we need to get the next generation into eating fresh fruit and vegetables.
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Emilia Romagna

Doesn’t this expression just roll off your tongue?  Doesn’t it sound a lot better than ” Northern Italy”?  I won’t attempt to explain the geographic features of the Emilia Romagna here, others can do that a lot better.  What matters within the context of this blog is that this Northern Italian region is a prime producer of pipfruit, stonefruit and kiwifruit and that Bologna University has a long habit of producing outstanding young horticultural scientists who hone their skills amongst the local crops before they travel to places like New Zealand and underpin our horticultural economy with their skill sets.

An Italian Wedding with Kiwi Connections

The fruit looked pretty good as well.  Size is, by the way, everything in Italy.  Taste, of course, matters too – but premium stone fruit must be bold and in your face.


Note the use of both returnable plastic crates and the one way flimsy wooden packaging typically associated with European stone fruit.

Produce bins are also quite popular with the punters – particularly at open air markets which can be found everywhere.


And just like any good produce merchant, our Italian colleagues also struggle with the disposal of empty packaging.

Yes, stacking the empty trays NEAR the rubbish bin COULD work!