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On the way to PMA, Orlando

Like many other produce afficionados, I made the annual pilgrimage to PMA’ s Fresh Summit  in the USA a couple of weeks ago. Orlando, Florida is not the easiest of destinations to reach from NZ – so, into LAX, through immigration, a quick terminal change, down to Dallas, Texas as there are no direct flights and a short seven hours later one lands in Orlando.  Add the twelve needed to get from Auckland to Los Angeles and it becomes fairly obvious why my enthusiasm for these kinds of excursions has its limits.  But as I have been, I feel it is only fair to add a few comments here about what I saw – in the spirit of learning of course!

Home away from home for US pooches

Having negotiated the hurdle otherwise known as the US Immigration Service in less than record time, I had to rush through the concrete jungle from Termninal 2 to Terminal 4 to catch my connecting flight. The bathrooms were not functioning that day in Termninal 2; ah well, it had to wait.

Dogs obviously enjoy a greater priority because smack bang between Terminals 2 and 4 this top notch facility for our four legged friends can be found.  Water bowl, real grass, bone shaped exercise area and water hydrant for leg lifting purposes.  They think of everything in the US.  Apart from having enough immigration officers at the gates were planes arrive that is.

Has Walmart Become A Respectable Produce Merchant?

Still don’t know how serious consumers take their produce shopping these days?  Can’t get your head around whether organic produce offers work? Well, in the absence of intelligent news reporting in this country, we have to revert to this other place where English is spoken, the good US of A.

When a shopping reporter (or was that reporting shopper?) spends his time inspecting the produce displays of Walmart and compares them with those of his local icon Whole Foods, you know America is on the move. And where America leads (having followed the UK), we in turn follow.  Eventually. To a point.  But nevertheless.

Especially when the themes sound  familiar.  Locally sourced, organically grown, attractively merchandised, survival of the small grower.  Now, where have we heard this before?