Does your Blackberry or ipad Need Rebooting?

Serving at restaurant tables is a trade in my birth country. Young people interested in a career in the industry undertake an apprenticeship, just as someone else would become an apprentice plumber or butcher.  One could argue that it should not take three years to learn something as basic as taking someone’s order. delivering someone’s food and cleaning up afterwards.  How many of us though can instantly recall myriads of examples relating to poor servcie in their favourite restaurants, cold food being delivered, the wrong food being delivered, cutlery having been whisked away between courses and not replaced, salt and pepper missing from the table, the waiter’s description of the meal bearing no resemblance whatsoever to what was actually delivered…? The list goes on.

Still Life with Broken Keyboard & Assorted Cables

Yesterday was the thirtieth anniversary of my arrival in New Zealand and I can honestly say that I am more kiwi than kraut by now.  For some reason though this differences of approaches to table service – there an apprenticed trade, here something students walk into off the street – has continued to fascinate me. 

An article in the business section of the New Zealand Herald therefore caught my attention this morning.  It talks about the use of ipads as wine menu.  It was not so long ago that waiters and waitresses waitstaff used to write one’s order down and passed it to the chef.  Some years later, Palmpilots found their way into the hands of the table brigade, which immediately disqualified anyone over the age of 30 from the job.  And now ipads.  The difference, of course, is that Palmpilots were a tool solely for the use of waitstaff, an electronic pad and pencil so to speak. ipads are interactive, customers actually get to use them  and God knows where this will end.

What does this mean for the fruit and vegetable industry then…?  Well,  the produce industry has already been infiltrated by this new technology beyond most people’s imagination.  Here is a link to a 2 minute video clip to illustrate my point.

All jokes aside – the world is changing, IT solutions are moving even more rapidly into the front of the shop.  Think “how can we use them”, rather than  “how can we stop this!!!”

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