Ebony & Ivory Living In Perfect Harmony

allpakTwo empty wooden boxes, which have clearly seen better days, loitering in serene harmony on the pavement outside a street cafe on State Highway 1.  Thousands of cars pass by each day and pay no attention to these remnants from a by-gone era.  Pedestrians deposit rubbish into the black bags encapsulated by these very roughly  nailed together bits of timber.  Could we have seen these boxes on the same spot yesterday?  Probably.  Are they likely to be there again tomorrow?  More than likely.

Are they worth a second thought?  Why is one of them yellow and the other one green?  Why are there faded letters visible on the green one, spelling the word ‘ALPACK’? How old are they? What was there original use?

And by now readers will be asking why SAUERKRAUT is getting so excited about a couple of old wooden boxes he nearly tripped over, rounding the corner in Tirau on a sunny Sunday’s afternoon.  Those blog afficionados with a little history in the produce industry will, just like I did, spot the irony of those two unlikely mates leading a peaceful co-existence.  And if  you are interested in understanding what functions these boxes used to have and what this had to do with the produce industry, please start with having a look at this document.  Written only ten years ago but a life time away.



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