Emilia Romagna

Doesn’t this expression just roll off your tongue?  Doesn’t it sound a lot better than ” Northern Italy”?  I won’t attempt to explain the geographic features of the Emilia Romagna here, others can do that a lot better.  What matters within the context of this blog is that this Northern Italian region is a prime producer of pipfruit, stonefruit and kiwifruit and that Bologna University has a long habit of producing outstanding young horticultural scientists who hone their skills amongst the local crops before they travel to places like New Zealand and underpin our horticultural economy with their skill sets.

An Italian Wedding with Kiwi Connections

The fruit looked pretty good as well.  Size is, by the way, everything in Italy.  Taste, of course, matters too – but premium stone fruit must be bold and in your face.


Note the use of both returnable plastic crates and the one way flimsy wooden packaging typically associated with European stone fruit.

Produce bins are also quite popular with the punters – particularly at open air markets which can be found everywhere.


And just like any good produce merchant, our Italian colleagues also struggle with the disposal of empty packaging.

Yes, stacking the empty trays NEAR the rubbish bin COULD work!

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