England Leads The Way…Yet Again

England has always been the place to go.  Whether it is for a Kiwi’s OE, whether it is to get a sense of empire (yeah right) or whether its for thereal ale…. The global supermarket industry always had a fourth reason to go to England…that’s where the new trends emerge. Tesco, Sainsbury, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose are the acknowledged trendsetters in that industry.

therell alway be an england

Yes, Walmart is a big beast and the Yanks have invented scale and upsizing…but they are not so shit hot lag behind a bit when it comes to developing new trends. The latest trend coming out of the UK is that big is no longer necessarily beautiful.  The Observer recently carried a very intelligent piece on the future of brick and mortar supermarketing.  Well worth a read. Our English cousins haven’t quite reached Fritz Schumacher’s 1973 economic masterpiece,  “Small is Beautiful- a study of economics as if people mattered” yet; but hey, an acknowledgement that the whole supermarket model might need rethinking should not be sneezed at either.

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