Fruit Logistica – Apples

One can’t fail to be impressed by Fruit Logistica.  The scale of this show is something else altogether.  If one really wants to understand the scope and depth of the fresh produce industry one needs to have at least once been pounding the exhibition floors here.  There is no way that this humble blog is able to cover the entire operation but we will get around to sharing some of the high lights with you – and in order to have some sense of order (that is the German coming out in me), we will discuss Fruit Logistica by theme.  Let’s start with apples. 

Does the world still eat apples?  Sure does.  Are there plenty of apples around?  Sure are.  Is there much innovation?  Well, that depends what one considers to be innovation.  There is little innovation in the “Me Tarzan, you Jane” approach practiced by the Austrian apple sellers brigade.

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy, Apple Interferes

ENZA obviously needed to get into the act as well.  The size of their stand was truly impressive, difficult to miss. It was perfectly balanced as well.  Tony Gibbs and Jeff Wesley were entertaining at one end of the stand, whilst the young lady below was holding court at the other end.  Didn’t quite get to see the apples but what the heck…

ENZA Introduces Berlusconi Approach

Just as I was going to give up on finding some apple related innovation I hit the jackpot.  Innovation at last.  Apples To Go.  A picture speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it just?

That's Innovation - Single Apple Complete With Serviette

There were other pockets of apple innovation.  They are lurking amongst the print material I collected on my rounds, waiting to be sorted, scanned and reported upon eventually.  In the meantime, which of these three apple marketers would you consider investing in?

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