Fruit Logistica – Odds & Sods

One knows the world is changing rapidly when an outfit like DHL decides to take one’s industry serious and not only exhibits but also goes as far as subbranding its acronym with something us peasants are meant to understand – like food services, for example.

They Used To Be Just Called "The Post Office"....

Someone on one of the Chinese stands decided that us Gweilos don’t recognise a peanut when it is still in its shell. He turned this concern into some action.

Better Safe Than Sorry

And our South African friends must have been out on the veldt playing with ox carts instead of attending their geography lessons at school.  Other than the southern tip of the South Island, New Zealand is missing from this South African map…

They Will Figure It Out When the All Blacks Domesticate The Springboks at the Rugby World Cup in October

Isn’t it amazing what we can see and find when we walk with eyes wide open through a crowd?

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