Have iPad, will travel

At the recent HortNZ Conference….


Coffee breaks are a great venue for catching up with colleagues and acquaintances.  Debbie Hewitt, HortNZ Director from Hawkes Bay and Andrew Fenton, HortNZ President and celery enthusiast wanted to have a look at some of my Chinese supermarket photos.  And thanks to the iPad, we did not have to troop off somewhere to assemble a laptop (so dated), but were able to attend to the matter on the spot.
A couple of further thoughts on the matter of technology. I am writing this entry from Vanuatu, taking advantage of the hotel’s hot spot. It’s breakfast time – well, in theory, anyway. The holiday makers around me are noisily munching their cereal. The business travellers amongst us are causing a traffic jam, because the iPads have invaded the breakfast table; we occupy the table for longer, the coffee sure tastes good, and I am not going to give up my seat because the hot spot is the most reliable RIGHT HERE. So there.
Did I mention that the iPad was only released last year, that I have never seen anything like this behaviour before and that all the other iPads in action around me are firmly in the hands of Chinese travellers??

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