How High Is The Water Momma?

T&G logoWho doesn’t remember this Johnny Cash Classic?

There has been a bit of hype in the media over the last few days in relation to Turners & Growers CEO Geoff Hipkins.  Is he there or is he not?  What exactly happened in Berlin? What is the T&G board going to do about it?

Let me try to make some sense out of this from my perspective.  And, by the way, I have two perspectives here – as an industry commentator and as a T&G shareholder…

As an industry commentator I have to say that reputable publications such as fruit net do not run stories for purely speculative reasons.  So where there is smoke, there is also going to be fire. The produce industry is a people industry.  We don’t always agree with each other and we are often found taking diametrically opposed positions, but at the end of the day, the industry functions because of common courtesy and respect being the fundamental pillars upon which business relationships are built.  And when these pillars start to crumble, business suffers.

Respect goes beyond today and reaches into the past…Respect for accumulated knowledge, respect for institutional memory, respect for lessons learned from past mistakes, respect for an in-depth understanding on how the produce industry works.  It seems that there might be room for improvement in this department if the ENZA Gold growers are to be believed.

As a T&G shareholder, I am a little disturbed to see the losses mounting, key staff disappearing, not so well thought through import deals causing disturbance in the market place and I am sure others share these concerns as well.

The cryptic message to the New Zealand Stock Exchange on the matter of recent media speculation therefore only  adds fuel to the fire.  It does not calm the waves.

Which brings me back to Johnny Cash.  How high will the water need to rise?


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