How NOT To Sell Fruit & Veg

2011-11-14 15.46.05The media is full of Christchurch stories. Some positive, some anything but.  Government is breathing a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court’s ruling on the potential impact of the partial sales of Might River Power. A fair amount of the money Bill English hopes to realise through the sale is earmarked for the Christchurch rebuild.  Meanwhile the Christchurch City Council, which is apparently required to front up with 40% of the rebuild cost, has put a stake in the ground by announcing that it has no intention of financing its share of the rebuild through asset sales.

Across town, the Anglican Church has gone to court because it wants to use $4 million from its insurance payout to partially fund its cardboard cathedral, whilst a group of renegades clustered around the former supermarket trolley manufacturer Jim Anderton is lobbying to have the original cathedral restored rather than demolished.

In amongst all that macro-economic stuff the ordinary citizens and small business owners of Christchurch are trying to come to grips with why , how and when their homes are facing demolition, repair or compulsory aquisition. Not easy for anyone.  And not just in Christchurch.  The rest of us are watching and there is a fair amount of empathy.

Only – my level of empathy deteriorates at a rapid rate of knots when I come across scenes like the ones I am depicting in my photos here…

What has all the hallmarks of a classy greengrocer sits surrounded by empty sections in the middle of Christchurch.  People need to eat, even in a Christchurch in recovery mode.  One would think therefore that if one were a greengrocer with a bit of pride one would make sure all the outside displays were full and properly merchandised but that is clearly only partially the case here.  Ah well, may be I caught them on a bad hair day?  Hm, but how about this?  An over-sized blackboard with nothing but the price and the weight unit on display?  For over an hour at least?  Come on guys, show a little bit of an interest in what you are doing…


Hey, may be you were a bit busy… who knows.  What is totally unforgivable though is the rubbish display.  What are we trying to sell here? Fruit or garbage?  And in full sight as well.  That’s where I stop being sympathetic.2011-11-14 16.27.36



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