How to get your product noticed

One of my team happens to watch TV3’s reality series “Under The Grill”.  This is a show which has a UK born Aussie celebrity chef – Sean Connelly – racing to build, staff, supply etc a brand new restaurant at SkyCity in 100 days ready for the Rugby World Cup.  Tuesday  night’s episode (23 August – episode 2), among other things, featured Sean working on sourcing his fresh produce – so understandably, I got told about it.

I was told two things in particular:

The chef went out to Pukekohe  and visited a potato field where John Wilcox dug up some Agria for him to take as a sample.  Sean then proceeded to double fry them in duck fat on the side of the field(!) to test that they would be good enough for his restaurant to use (apparently these chips are a signature item for Sean).  It was a great advert for Wilcox – the field looked great, the potatoes and the resulting chips did too.

He also went to T&G’s Mt Wellington wholesale floor, where a produce buyer showed him around the produce on offer.  The place looked very neat and tidy, and I wonder what differences Sean noticed from the wholesale markets in Australia.  The produce buyer got Sean to try some tamarillos – saying they were a New Zealand native (I think not, maybe he meant to say favourite), but they weren’t to his taste – not such a good advert for tamarillos.

So exposure by way of product placement in television and movies can happen even in NZ…

I wonder if Wilcox have noticed any increase in sales that week?


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