If In Doubt, Chuck It Out?

Bananana_bushI still have waste on my mind. There is a country where 1.4 million bananas are wasted every day – as well as 1.5 million tomatoes.  But let’s stick to bananas. No, it is not us. The country in question has a few more people living in it, 63.23 million to be precise, not counting Channel Islanders. If it were us, in purely numerical terms and all things being equal, a population of 4.5 million inhabitants would then be wasting just under 100,000 bananas a day. A scary thought. And in case you think I might be making the numbers up, here is the link to the Executive Summary of a UK report on Food Waste published in 2012 . Before I let go of this snippet of information, we might want to consider a couple of other related  facts.  New Zealand has the highest banana consumption rate per head of population in the developed world, so we might actually be wasting a few more. Our And – our British cuzzies have  been working actively at reducing food waste since 2007.  That year they chucked out 1.7 million bananas per day. I think we can safely assume that we comfortably hit the 100,000 fruit per day mark, don’t you think? The question is – what are we going to do about it?

And yes, I do know the gentleman in the picture is not British. But he did have this uncanny ability to get right to the nub of an issue when it mattered, so he is the ideal ‘poster boy’ to keep the waste issue front of mind.