IFPS Board Meeting Brussels

IFPS logo png-10018. June 2013

We have just completed our two day IFPS board meeting, IFPS being the International Federation for Produce Standards. We work as a global fresh produce industry body on industry standardisation in the areas of product identification, food safety and chain information management. Visit us at www.ifpsglobal.com. As a global produce industry, we are surrounded by challenges coming at us from all directions. The three areas in which we are active as IFPS concern not only all of us but if we want to ensure that the international trade continues to flow unencumbered in the long term, we as an industry need to work collaboratively on ensuring that we find industry based solutions before others impose their own on us. In some instances that means working with regulators to ensure our views are considered. So, if you belong to a produce trade association in Canada, the US, Chile, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, the Netherlands or Freshfel – we are already working for you. If you are from another part of the world and belong to a national fresh produce trade association in your country, we would love to hear from you via membership@IFPSGlobal.com.

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