International Horticultural Congress Lisbon

This congress, organised by the International Society for Horticultural Science takes place every four years – and happened to be in Lisbon this year.  To put this event into perspective – organisers were talking about 3,500 plus delegates having registered from all over the world and representing every conceivable branch of horticultural science. 

It had its moments – like when the bus driver refused to take us to our hotel after an evening function because he had been instructed to drop everyone off at one hotel hotel, rather than deliver all delegates to the actual hotel they were staying at – but hey, one can laugh about it today.

The congress programme consisted of both oral and poster presentations. A look at the size of the poster presentation area should assist in appreciating the scale of the congress.

Posters everywhere! Another way to get an appreciation for the scale of an event is usually the programme document and in this case also the published abstracts. Combined, these documents weighed about 5 kg and it took several hours to digest them and figure out which session one wanted to attend, where the session was being held, what one was therefore missing out on and how one could compensate for this situation. Not everyone is interested in every session. My key focus was on economics and value chain management whereas Massimo and Anne-Marie were concentrating on post harvest quality management and rotten fruit.    🙂

Posters, posters everywhere

But just in case one really did not know how to navigate through the documents on offer, the congress organisers had come up with a really new and innovative approach aimed at removing the guess work from the situation. How well they succeeded is another question all together – but have a look at this photo!  There goes the perception that scientists are ALWAYS very precise!



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