ISHS Congress

Why visit a Conference or Congress?  This is not meant to be a trick question – but “because I need to develop my upper torso muscles” is probably not a standard answer either!

Upon registration every delegate – as long as he or she no longer qualified in the “uncleared situation”  – was issued with a satchel/backpack which weighed about 5kg.  It contained the Congress Programme and the presentation abstracts.

The only way to cope with the Congress programme was to withdraw to the nearest cafe for a cool beer

Anyone who was in doubt about the details printed in the programme, could refer to the Abstract documents of papers submitted which were also included in the satchel.

ISHS Abstracts

Back to the question of why one visits a Congress then. 
The answer is, of course, to learn.  Although in the case of Lisbon it would have been advantageous to come equipped with a wheelbarrow in order to cope with the mass of printed materials issued. 

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