Kiwi Ingenuity Under The Microscope

Kiwi Ingenuity Under Threat

Here we go again. Everyone has an opinion. Sue Kedgley does not like it, an academic from Otago university has never seen anything like it and smells an ethics issue and Katherine Rich from the Food and Grocery Council says her children like it. What am I talking about? The latest marketing initiative by Yummy, John Paynter’s innovative fruit growing and marketing company. Luckily children take a while to adopt their parents’ prejudices. For goodness sake, eating fruit should be fun and we need to get the next generation into eating fresh fruit and vegetables. What’s good enough for the big FMCG companies which are constantly linking children’s movie releases with cartoon characters should be equally good enough for a small innovative fruit marketer. I would go as far as saying – anything that gets children to appreciate fresh fruit is acceptable to me. There is more to marketing than ethics and if that angle is the only one Otago can up with, then heaven help us. This is not a campaign to get kids to go to the movies. It’s a campaign to get children to eat more fruit by way of innovative association. How that label will look like when the data bar is introduced is a different story, but right now we should congratulate Yummy for their initiative instead of taking this politically correct and ‘holier than thou’ approach.

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