Mr Fix It Approach versus Engaging A Service Provider

dogsittersThere are two ways to make money in the produce industry. One is to sell produce, the other one, in the broadest sense of the word, is to service the produce industry. These girls here have the right idea. They have perched themselves in a prime position at the entrance to the Matakana Farmers Market and are offering to dog sit. What a brilliant idea. Dogs need to be taken out from time to time to avoid them tearing up the furniture. But do I really have to take the dog into the narrow confines of a food market where the smell of salami, coffee and strawberries is overpowering enough for me, let alone a sensitive dog’s nose? Not if there is a viable alternative available, one for which I gladly use a bit of small change out of my pockets as I perceive to be gaining value from the transaction.

And that is the key to the question of whether I do something myself or whether I engage a service provider – VALUE. How do I optimise value? Am I the best person to do the job? Do I have the requisite skill or knowledge? Could I do something more constructive with my time? Would my customers be happier if I used an independent and impartial service provider? The fresh produce value chain is gaining in complexity, the wriggle room for short cut Harrys is reducing by the week and as an industry we will need to aspire to new levels of professionalism in order to keep our customers happy. The old ways of doing things are not necessarily going to get us there.