New Doctoral Set Under Way

A couple of weekends ago, the IMCA Study Centre UK launched its new doctoral set, with doctoral students from Finland, Australia and the UK. I joined the five associates from the UK and Finland  and their tutors during the start-up weekend deep in the Surrey countryside.

joe denby Here are faculty members Joe Denby, Jouko Huju and Richard Hale preparing for a sessions with the associates.

This set comes with several ‘firsts’.

It is the first time that Doctoral students pursuing explication, DBA, DPhil and Action Learning Question routes are being proactively brought together as a set from the outset.

It is the first time that IMCA has quite deliberately designed  a set that stretches across both hemispheres and has face to face subsets in three countries working with each other virtually across the web.

It is the first time that a set will be using Linked In and Dropbox as designated set tools from the start of the programme.

You will hear more about the set here as it gets to work.  Well done Joanna Kozubska and team for getting this exciting set of doctoral action leaning associates out of the starting blocks.

Hans Maurer

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