Table Top Dancing

299314_355485391207818_869770810_n The problem with a site like Facebook is that one can’t really control what ends up being displayed on one’s site – one’s ‘friends’ can have a devastating influence on the state of one’s page.  I was therefore delighted that this doodle “turned up” today.  How apt. I am sure you can all relate to it.  I certainly can!  From a business perspective, the “How Do I Do It?” is the most important step on the scale.

Once I get to the point of asking THAT question, I have accepted that the journey needs to to go into the indicated direction. And IF one spends enough quality time getting the answers to the HOW question lined up, one’s chance of being able to dance on the table top in celebration at the end of the journey, will have exponentially increased.

Unfortunately, one doesn’t get beyond Step 2 too often – “I Can’t Do It”. So How does one get from Step 2 to Step 4?  “I Want To Do It”  is certainly part of the answer, but is it enough?  Not by a long shot I am afraid! How about “I Believe in Myself?” Isn’t that also part of it?  Taking ownership of the problem?

Equally applicable to solving produce industry related problems as it is to solving one’s own life situations.  Wouldn’t it be great if one could increase the amount of time one gets to dance on top of the table by a factor of ten in 2013?

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