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New Zealand short story icon Frank Sargeson was actually a bit of a produce marketing expert as well

New Zealand short story master Frank Sargeson summed up the essence of the risk involved in supplying produce markets in 1941.

“If you grew something for sale, he found out, particularly if it was something that would not keep, you mainly had to take just what people would pay for it, even though you might get a lot less than would pay for the work and expense it had cost you.”

Sargeson made these comments in a story entitled “ A Man of Good Will” – a story that described the relationship between the writer as a boy and “a tomato grower who was supposed to be eccentric.”

Sargeson’s comments are as relevant today as they were in 1941. A little further on in the story Sargeson’s eccentric tomato grower takes matters a bit further.
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