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I Have Been Shopping (III)

Fruit World, Greenhithe, Auckland, New Zealand

Fruit World is one of the smarter Auckland greengrocer chains.  This photo was taken on 29th  January on the Greenhithe Road in West Auckland where fruiterers hunt in packs several greengrocers are practicing the cluster principle. 

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with the photo, particularly as the ‘follow-up action’, namely Royal Gala apples, were indeed in evidence in store.

At second glance, for me, the Fruit World sign was responsible for a journey back in time.  A time when apple marketing was controlled by the New Zealand Apple & Pear Marketing Board; a time when a greengrocer seen to be marketing new season apples in January would have been heavily fined as he would have been breaking the law; a time when wholesalers and retailers, including yours truly, were playing a game of hide and seek with vigilant Board inspectors who were roaming the nation’s malls and strip shops to search out rogue apple retailers whose view on when the apple season was meant to start differed markedly from those of the Apple & Pear Marketing Board.

The apple black market and it machinations are now fading in memory.  The apple industry was deregulated in the early nineties, last century!  Just imagine though not being able  to get Royal Gala until the last week of February or even worse, the first week of March?  The nanny state taken to the extreme.

On the other hand – are apples really a summer crop?  How naturally ripened is this early apple harvest in the stores now? And would apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums be selling better if apples were not trying to muscle in on their territory?  What do you think?

Does your Blackberry or ipad Need Rebooting?

Serving at restaurant tables is a trade in my birth country. Young people interested in a career in the industry undertake an apprenticeship, just as someone else would become an apprentice plumber or butcher.  One could argue that it should not take three years to learn something as basic as taking someone’s order. delivering someone’s food and cleaning up afterwards.  How many of us though can instantly recall myriads of examples relating to poor servcie in their favourite restaurants, cold food being delivered, the wrong food being delivered, cutlery having been whisked away between courses and not replaced, salt and pepper missing from the table, the waiter’s description of the meal bearing no resemblance whatsoever to what was actually delivered…? The list goes on.

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A greengrocer called Spaghetti House?

Well, no – a greengrocer who is smart enough to earn extra revenue by advertising a convenient lunch location up the road. 

The road by the way is Oxford Street, London , directly across from retail icon Selfridges.

The photo was taken in mid-June, in a season the English call ‘summer’!

The fruit is nicely blocked in its trays and the focus is on summer fruit, not an apple or banana in sight.  Neither are price tickets.

Contrast that with this photo, taken 100 m further up the road.

The picture is not as sharp as I would have  liked, but I am sure you get the jist.  The fruit is displayed with flair. Bananas and green grapes are used to accentuate the predominant red colour of peaches, cherries and plums – and the price tickets are not only plentiful but easy to read and professionally executed.