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I Have Been Shopping (II)

Well, actually , I haven’t been shopping just yet, but I am working myself up to it and what I am writing here kind of relates to shopping, so there….

I had a look at the content of my fruitbowl this morning.  Californian Navel oranges, Ecuadorian bananas, a Philippine pineapple, Hawkes Bay nectarines, apricots and plums and a couple of punnets of local strawberries in the fridge.  I don’t analyse my fruitbowl scientifically everytime I go anywhere near it but it does pay to remind oneself from time to time that one is actually quite spoilt.  You see, I have not grown ANY of the fruit just mentioned.  At best, I could be accused of hunting my fruit bowl content down with skill and vigour in my local supermarket. Even that statement would only be partially true as I do not do all the hunting shopping and the content of our fruit bowl does not exclusively originate in the supermarket anyway.
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