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Have iPad, will travel

At the recent HortNZ Conference….


Coffee breaks are a great venue for catching up with colleagues and acquaintances.  Debbie Hewitt, HortNZ Director from Hawkes Bay and Andrew Fenton, HortNZ President and celery enthusiast wanted to have a look at some of my Chinese supermarket photos.  And thanks to the iPad, we did not have to troop off somewhere to assemble a laptop (so dated), but were able to attend to the matter on the spot.
A couple of further thoughts on the matter of technology. I am writing this entry from Vanuatu, taking advantage of the hotel’s hot spot. It’s breakfast time – well, in theory, anyway. The holiday makers around me are noisily munching their cereal. The business travellers amongst us are causing a traffic jam, because the iPads have invaded the breakfast table; we occupy the table for longer, the coffee sure tastes good, and I am not going to give up my seat because the hot spot is the most reliable RIGHT HERE. So there.
Did I mention that the iPad was only released last year, that I have never seen anything like this behaviour before and that all the other iPads in action around me are firmly in the hands of Chinese travellers??

Does your Blackberry or ipad Need Rebooting?

Serving at restaurant tables is a trade in my birth country. Young people interested in a career in the industry undertake an apprenticeship, just as someone else would become an apprentice plumber or butcher.  One could argue that it should not take three years to learn something as basic as taking someone’s order. delivering someone’s food and cleaning up afterwards.  How many of us though can instantly recall myriads of examples relating to poor servcie in their favourite restaurants, cold food being delivered, the wrong food being delivered, cutlery having been whisked away between courses and not replaced, salt and pepper missing from the table, the waiter’s description of the meal bearing no resemblance whatsoever to what was actually delivered…? The list goes on.

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