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The Howard Cedric Zingel Motion

I received a letter in the mail from Tony Gibbs today.  Not that I was the only one who was privileged in this way.  Every shareholder of Turners & Growers would have received the same letter.  Yes, you have heard right, Sauerkraut likes to keep his nose close to the wind and therefore invests in produce companies.  Not that you will find my name on the share register – John Key and I both manage our investments through trusts.  There are two significant differences though.  Firstly, John Key has access to a smidgen more capital than Sauerkraut and therefore tends to purchase slightly larger share parcels– and secondly, there is nothing blind about Sauerkraut’s trust!

Bu t I digress.  Anyway, this letter arrived today inviting me to the Turners & Growers AGM.  A couple of proxy forms were also floating around in the envelope and then there was this other letter.  A letter from one Howard Cedric Zingel.  If you now want to know who Howard Cedric Zingel is, you are asking the wrong cabbage head.  A quick Google search reveals that Howard Cedric Zingel lives in Tauranga and seems to be someone who invests in the share market from a position of knowledge, being a longtime member of the NZ Shareowners Association Inc.  So we have to assume Mr. Zingel takes his investing serious.

And serious investor that he is, Mr. Zingel intends to propose a Motion at the 2010 Annual General Meeting of Turners & Growers Ltd on 24 June 2010.  If you are interested in reading the Motion in full, you can satisfy your curiosity here, and if you want to know what Tony Gibbs thinks of the Motion you can check that out here.

The short version goes something like this:

Mr.  Zingel wants Turners & Growers to engage the services of Price Waterhouse Coopers  in order to establish whether shareholder dividends and capital could be maximized if “the growing assets of the Group could be split off and the worth thereof returned to shareholders.”

Alan Gibbs’ letter inviting me to the meeting and advising me that I get to vote on Howard Cedric Zingel’s Motion gets straight to the point.  “The Board,” says Tony Gibbs, “does not support this resolution on the basis that the retention and growing assets is consistent with the long-term strategic objectives of the group.”

So there you have it.  As the Board votes the majority of the stock, Mr Zingel’s Motion will be handsomely defeated.  And this is where this story could stop.
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