TESCO: Two Thirds Of Produce Grown For Bagged Salads Is Wasted

_70610491_foodwaste_editNot my kind of headline but straight from The Guardian no less! It appears that Tesco went and monitored 25 of its top sellers as they moved through the supply chain and merged the data with another set available from WRAP – the Waste and Resources Action Programme – to come up with the findings reported. WRAP is focused on “minimising resource use and diverting priority material from landfills.” Not the most obvious research partner for a corporate retail giant in days gone past, but “times are a-changing”. To put this into perspective, the six months tally for wasted food in the company’s stores and distribution centres comes to a whopping 26,85o tonnes. The average British family wastes an estimated £700 per year according to the same study.  I hasten to add, this waste is spread across the entire food category and does not just involve produce.  The information is staggering, nevertheless, and highlights the fact that all the modern systems in the world can’t distract from the fact that mankind in general and the food trade in particular wastes a shocking amount of food every day, just by pulling supply from producers to the consumer and not getting the process as right as we ought to by now. We will never be able to eliminate all waste, that view is just naive. But we can surely do better than this!