The humble Carrot gets a Life

No one would dispute that carrots are healthy.  They are also one of the few vegetables that make a genuinely decent snack.  One only has to look at the success of baby carrots over the years which opened a whole new opportunity for travelling industrial lathe sales men.

US carrot growers have now combined their marketing muscles to ensure carrots do not miss out when consumers pull their wallet out to purchase vegetables.  They launched a joint campaign – budget, a cool $US 10 million.

The Face of the Campaign

A Bunch of Carrot Farmers

The generic campaign is supported through regional and seasonal activity – and just in time for Halloween, which our American friends take very very serious indeed, Scarrots were hitting the market!  Isn’t it amazing what marketers can get up to when they havebeen given  a decent product AND a decent budget to work with?

Top Marks for Imagination

The only question left to ask is – What are the kids likely to think when they come “trick or treating” ?

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