The litte Icecream Tank

Making money on the beach is a fairly sophisticated exercise in Italy.  The beaches are rented out to local entrepreneurs who charge unsuspecting punters 11 Euro per half day for the use of a sun umbrella and a lounger/beach chair.  Not availing oneself of these services is not an option if one wants to go swimming.

Once in the water, one is at the mercy of the local surf patrol, who rely on a very sophisticated version of IRB (inflatable rescue boat) to pick swimmers from the surf.

Italian Surf Life Saving Jet Boat

Had enough of swimming?  How about some shopping then?  The place is riddled with illegal North African immigrants who sell anything from imitation Gucci handbags and Oroton sunglassses to small plastic bags full of dried green stuff.  And they hit you as you come out of the water, between the low and high tide marks – because they can!

But once you have navigated your way through the crowds you get to the icecream vendor – who appears to be using a converted remote control bomb disposal robot to sell his wares.  Imagine driving one of those things along Takapuna Beach.

The little ice cream tank

But they do not make it easy for you!

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