The week that was…in Kiwi (Agri)-Politics – Week34

©2003-2012 - Les Editions Albert-René/Goscinny-Uderzo

©2003-2012 – Les Editions Albert-René/Goscinny-Uderzo

As a youngster, I loved to read Asterix & Obelix comics. As I grew older, I began to appreciate these not just in the German language but also in Latin. The wit contained in these comics is priceless and crosses cultural boundaries. One thing I remember from my extensive study of the series is that there were two people who regularly got into trouble in the Gallic village which kept on defying the Roman empire. The bard Troubardix and the fishmonger Unhygienix. The former was gagged and bound whenever he opened his mouth because he was known for singing out of tune. The latter copped it on occupational grounds. He kept  insisting that his fish were fresh and constantly tried to stick them under peoples’ noses to encourage them to purchase. Invariably, the fish was not fresh and his Gallic friends and neighbours took offence at his crude sales techniques and beat him up.

When I saw the image of New Zealand Labour Party Leader  David Shearer holding up his snapper earlier this week, Unhygienix the fishmonger came to mind straight away.  At least some of the Labour Party caucus must be Asterix fans as well, judging by what happened yesterday. Whilst I don’t know how smelly the snapper were Shearer waved around the debating chamber, it is obvious that someone took offence.

There isn’t just one moral of this story and I leave you to figure which moral fits best for you. From my (agri)-politics perspective the following thought comes to mind: Contaminated milk, irradiated tomatoes and snapper fishing rules disputes are classic examples why Kiwi politicians really need to have a very firm fix on matters relating to the primary industry as it continues to support all our livelihoods. So get with it guys and stop using produce, meat and fish for cheap political stunts. These have a habit of misfiring.