Time for Reflection – in more ways than one

I had planned for some time now to use the days between Christmas and New Year to put some light hearted reflection pieces onto this blog.  Partially based on impressions gained  or photographs taken during the year but never processed at the time, partially on ‘hey, 2011 is coming up, shouldn’t we think about some New Year resolutions’, and partially on aspects about the produce industry which are worth exploration beyond a quick mention on the day they appear topical.  Add to this the fact that I have a tendency to get into ‘deep thinking’ mode this time of year anyway, given my birthday is on the last day of the year and one could expect a right little mix at this point in time.

So, that is where I had got to by the time I opened this morning’s Herald. Two articles leapt out at me amongst all the post Boxing Day sales hysteria advertisements.  The first one was an article on consumerism and choice on the lead page of the business section.  Just as I said to myself, “blimey, that looks like a serious piece of journalism, what is happening at the Herald?”, I spotted the by-line.  “From the Economist”, it said.  In other words, Granny Herald is still on holiday and can’t be bothered.

The second article was a lot shorter, actually started with a photo on the front cover and announced the death of Dennis Dutton.  Many of you may not have heard of Dennis Dutton.  Amongst his many claims to fame is that he was at some stage the Chairman of the New New Zealand Skeptics Society.  He addressed a Horticulture New Zealand conference in that capacity some years ago which is where I became aware of one his other passions, his website, Arts & Letters Daily.  This website is a gem and if you have not visited it before, do it now.  You might end up loosing yourself in it, because its intellectual pull and power is incredible – but as you emerge you will know that you have learned something as a result of visiting the site.

I will still go ahead with my plan for the blog over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime though, R.I.P. Dennis Dutton; thank you for the inspiration.

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