Where Do Supermarket Trolleys Go To Die?

Who says the laws of nature only apply to living creatures like humans and elephants?  Supermarket trolleys have a soul as well – and they certainly suffer a fair amount of abuse during their life span.  The odd supermarket trolley escapes and ends up in front gardens, on motorway berms and up side down in a creek – these are normally the alpha animals, the ones who have the guts to try something different.

The vast and silent majority of supermarket trolleys appears to be herd focused, just like many of us – and of course elephants.

We know what happens to us when we pass on; we are carted off to the cemetery in either a long angular box or a small urn.  We also know that elephants disappear when their time comes and the phenomenon is important enough to justify its very own Wikipedia entry.  But did you ever wonder what happens to shopping trolleys which have passed their ‘use by’ date?  Sauerkraut has been wondering about that for years and the answer can now be revealed.  YES, shopping trolleys whose time has come behave like lemmings and join their mates in the shopping malls’ car parks, where they quietely rust away, in full view of any customer who parks his or her cark within a 200 metre radius. 

Supermarket Gurus may well spend their time talking about the new trends in supermarket shopping – but will supermarkets still be around in a few years time, given the rate at which their trolleys slink away to their car park grave yard?

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